License a Canadian registered RV in Arizona

If If you purchased a Canadian registered RV or other vehicle that you need to license in Arizona, contact us for assistance with DOT,EPA and Customs requirements. Imported vehicles are subject to DOT (Department of Transportation) motor vehicle safety standards and to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) air pollution control standards. Usually within 3-4 days of receiving documentation on your vehicle you will be ready to submit for MVD licensing of your Canadian registered RV.

Vehicles not brought into compliance cannot be licensed and must be either brought into compliance, exported or destroyed.


Under NAFTA, North America-manufactured vehicles are conditionally duty-free. Most other vehicles are generally dutiable at 2.5% on the price paid or payable. A vehicle driven from the U.S. into Canada for non-commercial private use may re-enter the U.S. duty-free with proof that the vehicle was previously owned and registered in the U.S. with a vehicle registration or a bill of sale. Repairs and new accessories for the vehicle are subject to duty.

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